Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Term 4, Weeks 6 and 7

Term 4, Weeks 6 and 7

Arts and Craft Table

We were excited when Miss Harris put out some paint for us to use! We got to make creations and then paint them however we wanted. 

Snakes and Ladders

We used some chalk to draw numbers in this grid and played snakes and ladders using a big dice. We had to count upwards as we moved ourselves along and when we were finished we worked together to count backwards from the biggest number all the way to one. 


We have been crazy about singing songs and so Miss Harris printed out some of the words from our favourite song for us. We practiced and then put on a show for our friends. Mrs Jones could hear us as well while she was doing her work; she loved hearing our voices!


We kept working on our shops in Week 6. We weren't finished playing when it was pack up time, so we put the Work in Progress signs on our work. This means that it has to be left like it is.

Layla and Lola made a hut to play in. Some people were not following the rules of their hut and when they talked to Miss Harris she pointed out and she couldn't see their rules anywhere so they made sure to write them down. They also used a Work in Progress sign to tell people they weren't allowed to play with the hut and that they were still working on it. 

Discovery Time

For Discovery Time in Week 6 Miss Harris hosted a talent show in Room 14. We had 3 guest judges, Maeve, Jaedah and Eshaan, from Room 7 to help us pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Eli and Daniel won first place with their puppet show which made everyone laugh! Congratulations Daniel and Eli! 




We were lucky enough to have some swimming teachers come and help us out with our confidence in the water. With so much beach access in New Zealand, it is crucial that children learn how to be safe and confident in the water and we are incredibly lucky to have our very own pool in which to practice water safety! This is a great opportunity for your children and is a part of the curriculum, so it is very important that each child bring their swimming things to school every day that the pool is available. 

The swimming teachers started by checking our swimming abilities.

How much does it weigh?

Ardrion brought in a can of fruit for the raffle, and worked with Johannes to figure out what things in the classroom it weighed more than, less than, or the same as. 

Back in the Pool

Team Work

A few of the students from Room 14 were lucky enough to get these cardboard tubes from Miss Daisy. The students worked together to make ramps for the cars and find ways that the ramps could stay standing by themselves. 

More time in the pool!

Eli was unable to go into the pool because of his cast, so used an iPad to try and take a video of his friends. 

Planting Beans

We used some more of our potting mix to plant beans into yoghurt pottles that we had collected and brought in from home. We got to choose from purple or green beans and we wrote our names onto popsicle sticks so we knew who the beans belonged to. 

Miss Harris would love to know if you have eaten any beans from the plants you took home! 

Luckily Ardrion and Johannes were there to save Miss Harris from a giant cockroach! 

Discovery Time

This week for discovery time Miss Harris had a real treat in store for us... LOL Dolls, and new board games!

Mrs Mackay taught us how to do finger knitting. 

Buddy Class Party! 

Miss Harris and our Buddy Class teacher Miss Davonport celebrated their graduation as fully registered teachers on the 30th of October. We got together with our buddies and celebrated by playing our favourite party games! Miss Harris and Miss Chan organised the skittles game, and Miss Davenport and Mr G organised the chocolate game. 

After we played our first game we took a break for a pizza lunch. YUM!